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Company history
Established in 2012, OMSAI Prints Pvt. Ltd., began with the vision of being a commercial printing service provider to large corporates across India. As a company with over four decades of experience in the artwork creation, pre-press, press and post-press, we entered the market to create a brand centered around quality and trust.

The central ethos has always been the same: to be able to provide best quality and cost-efficient stationery, from large scale digital offset print to personalized office supplies across sectors and industries.

Over time, the company has broadened its horizons and grown from a banking stationery solution provider to a procurement-inclusive entity, which is not only self reliant but also has integrated facilities from the first to the last step of order fulfilment.
OS-Procure Logo
OS-Procure is OMSAI's very own web-based platform, which functions as a centralized e-procurement software. Through this e-procurement system, our clients are offered the convenience of a powerful tool that is extremely fluid and can be customized to their industry and business. OS-Procure brings in more transparency in the procurement cycle and helps one to track the budget, expenses year-on-year for better control.

OS-Procure enables the members of a business to place an order smoothly and quickly, giving the customers a hassle-free purchasing experience while the fulfilment of order is ensured in the most timely manner.

The platform's state of the art development facility enables us to not only customize it for a client's niche requirement but also personalize it in terms of its graphics and functions, making it the perfect fit for any company.

This also makes requests like print on demand simpler. OS-Procure ensures minimal worrying at the customer's end, while we at OMSAI arrange purchasing and supply management, right to the moment of order delivery.

As an additional feature to suit businesses ordering from us in larger volumes, we have approval workflows in place. This enables supervisors to sign off and approve orders placed under their ambit in the purchase procedure. This brings in complete control over the orders being placed by the users across multiple locations.

Through partnerships with leading logistics players, you are guaranteed a cost and time-efficient purchase at OMSAI, as we complete your order with our supply chain partners near you.
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To be the preferred, trustworthy procurement solution provider, adding meaning and value to our customer's business.
Our mission is to provide end to end procurement solutions for businesses across industries by integrating innovative technology, prioritizing the needs of our customers, and ensuring the fulfilment of solutions with efficiency, timely completion and quality.
Vision and Mission
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